Website optimization with Handzon

Here are a few optimization techniques to be used to improve your search engine positions


what is website optimization

Think of search engine optimization as how you find websites on Google.  You simply would type in a keyword such as " pizza shop" and Google returns results based on the most relevant websites matching your keyword search, along with your location.  Website optimization happens on the websites vying for your click by creating webpages with the key word "pizza shop" along with providing optomized paragraphs describing their menu, their location etc.  A smart pizza shop would not just focus on the keyword "pizza shop", but would add a location along with the key word "pizza shop" as in " pizza shop San Francisco".  This gives the website owner a tremendous advantage when someone searches. If the searcher is located within the San Francisco Bay area, their website would be quite relevant.  This, at its core, is search engine optimization.  Although this is a simplistic view, it really works the same way with every other type of business.  As a website owner, you should always be as relevant as you can, with descriptive content that does not try to "trick" Google or your visitors, but gives clear relevant web page content.

At the very core of every website built with our website builder is our laser focused approach to Google search engine optimization.  Our philosophy goes further than just keywords and descriptions in Meta tags, but focuses on readable search engine code, giving every single page on your website the kind of SEO advantage that every business needs.

"Optimize your website while it's being built, not just after the fact".  To that end, every page that's ever written within the application, every image, every paragraph, every shopping cart item that's placed onto the pages are optimized specifically for Google and other search engines.  This goes well beyond the standard search engine marketing available with any other online website software. Our website builder creates the fastest, cleanest, CSS driven HTML 5 available online today.  This means that your pages will be faster, yes, but most importantly, completely readable by all search engines.  All of the inline styles on the pages i.e. (font color, size) within your code is offloaded to a CSS style sheet. This means that the pages will be smaller and that your content will be visible immediately.  The content to mark up ratio of a Handzon webpage is 80% to 20%.  80% of your content is displayed using 20% HTML code to display that content.  It is clear in our online research that no other website builder available online today has a better ratio.  This translates to powerful search engine optimization for your website.

As a user building a website, if you take into consideration all of the search engine optimization happening in the background automatically, once you begin writing descriptive paragraphs and doing simple easy to use optimization techniques when creating the pages, you are guaranteed to have a very solid search engine optimized site.

Within the tutorials provided, we show you how to create solid search engine optimized web pages.  If these simple steps are followed along with the SEO optimization engine within the website builder, well... pure magic for SEO.

And again, " Optimize your website while it's being built, not just after the fact"