Tutorial Toolbar Menu

Toolbar Menu 


Toolbar Menu


Toolbar Menu

  • Select a Page - Quick access to pages you have already created, listed in alphabetical order.
  • Page - Select PAGE to access the drop down menu.

See Page For Details

Toolbar Menu

  • Template - Select TEMPLATE to access the drop down menu.

See Template for Details

add function

  • ADD - Select ADD to access the drop down menu.

See Add for Details

menu 4

  • FILES - Select FILES to access all pages, files, and images for your website.
  • Files are stored on Website Builder servers and backed up daily.

See Files for Details

menu 6

  • VIEW - Select VIEW to see your page as it will appear to your visitors.
  • Be sure to SAVE your pagebefore accessing VIEW.

See View  for Details

menu 5

  • SAVE - Select SAVE to save & publish your page.
  • When SAVE is finished, Publish Complete will display.

See Save for Details

menu mobile

  • Enable Mobile Devices.

See Mobile Device Design