Tutorial Toolbar Add

Toolbar Add

Select ADD to access the drop-down menu.

menu add top half.fw

add image button fw.fw
- Create image folders, Upload Images, and Insert Images onto web pages.

Review IMAGES for details.


image slide.fw
Create slideshow

Review SLIDE for details.



image thumb.fw
Use thumbnail images

Review THUMB for details.


image upload.fw
Upload images.

Review UPLOAD for details.


create page7.fw

add text buttonSelect TEXT to generate the text box.

Review Add-Edit Text for Written Instructions


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toolbar add.fw

add form

add form button.fwFORM - Use this selection to generate pre-designed forms.

video watch button here.fw

add html

add HTML button.fw
HTML - Use this selection if you wish to add your own HTML to the your web page.

For additional programing functions:  See Media - Insert Program Codes


add shape button.fw




toolbar add shapes.fw

button function 1.fw
Button Function - Create buttons and links.

See Button Function

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SMART WIDGETS    See Advanced Options

See PayPal Product/View Cart:

OR video watch button here.fw

See Media Insert YouTube


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See Media PDF Files


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