Tutorial Template Edit

Template Edit

Edit the Template by clicking ONCE on the name in the upper left corner of the Template.


Tutorial Select Template Edit

The selection will show a green line around it, with white squares and an EDIT tab. 

The corner squares adjust the size of the box proportionally; side squares in or out; top & bottom squares up or down.

template 192 edit template name 4


DOUBLE Click inside the selection.  You will then see a dotted black line, which allows you to type directly into the box.

template 192 edit template name 6


Highlight the existing words in the box and replace them with your own selection. 

In the example, PET buddy was changed  to Tutorial.

edit delete


Select the box saying We carry all pet supplies, and we will delete it. 

Select the EDIT tab.

edit function


Select DELETE ELEMENT from the EDIT drop down menu.


Select DELETE ELEMENT from the EDIT drop down menu.


template 192 edit template name


You can edit the template from any of your web pages.

If you are not in Template mode, you will see an orange dash margin around the display and an orange EDIT TEMPLATE tab. 

Clicking this tab will take you directly to the template to make changes. Be sure to Save your current page.


revert to last published


If you make a mistake or don't like your changes, just select Page  from the toolbar menu and then REVERT TO LAST PUBLISH.

Your previous page layout will replace your current work.

Next we will create a page for your website