Tutorial PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPal Shopping Cart

How to insert and use PayPal Shopping Cart, which is included with all websites.  Video and Written Instructions provided.

instructions video.fw

>instructions written.fw


  • Select Add from Toolbar, and then select PayPal - Product.
  • Double click in Product Box, and Products Editor will display.

paypal shopping cart

  • Click on Product name and enter your product information.  Click the icon in Image Source box to browse for your image.
  • Select Add a Product to add additional products to this page.
  • You can choose to group like products together on a page; one product to a page; or other appropriate groupings.
  • Click apply to save.


  • Select Edit Settings to change the Currency.  Default is US Dollars.



  • You can change the product display by selecting from the drop-down menu in Palette - PayPal Product.
  • btn_viewcart_SMView Cart Button will allow you to insert the view cart button onto your template.

See Template Edit

  • Click SAVE to save and publish your page.