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Menu Page

PAGE - Select PAGE to access to drop down menu.  Video and Written Instructions are provided.

page function


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Menu Page

  • PAGE SETTINGS - Allows changes or updates to the page you have displayed.
  • Be sure to SAVE after make any changes to Page Settings.

create page 3

  • For Page Settings and Add a page details:

Review Create Web Page


video watch button here.fw


create page 6

  • APPLY A NEW TEMPLATE - You may wish to use different templates on some pages

create page 4

  • Select your Template for the page from the drop down menu.
  • Default is your homepage template.

revert to last published

  • REVERT TO LAST PUBLISH - Data on the current page will be replaced and revert to the last published version.

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page manage pages

  • MANAGE PAGES - Page Management will display, which allows you to Add a Page; Copy  a Page;
  • Users and Groups; Manage Redirects are discussed in Advanced Tutorials.
  • Pages are listed in the order they were created. 
  • You can use the Up and Down arrows to re-arrange the pages, perhaps grouping like pages together. 
  • Use the search options in Page Management to quickly locate your page.video watch button here.fw


page settings page management.fw

  • Using the Copy Page option can save you time.  You can use this option to make Masters for those pages that are very similar, such as product files.
  • Type in your new Page Name, and then select the page you want to copy from the drop down menu. Pages will be listed here in alphabetical order. 
  • Make appropriate modifications to the copied page.
  • Be sure and change page settings to reflect the new page criteria.

Page Settings copy page.fw

  •  Select DONE to save your changes.