Tutorial Mobile Devices General Information

Mobile Devices General Information

Handzon Website Builder provides the ability to display your website on Mobile and Tablet Devices.  The Default Mobile Device display will automatically reduce your web page so it will fit on Tablets & Mobile Devices. 

The images in Default Mobile Device Display shows how the web page template looks using the default display.

Website Builder provides you the option of making changes for the Tablet and Mobile web page display.  The images in Basic Customization Mobile Device Display shows how the Template for Tablet and Mobile display can be customizated to improve your web page display on mobile devices.

However, to give your web page a professional appearance, Website Builder provides you the option to further customize your web page display on Tablets & Moible Devices.  See Mobile Device Customization Procedure and Mobile Device Customization Options.

It is recommended that you view each of your your web pages on Mobile Devices to see how the web page will display for your visitors. 


Enable Mobile Device Display

mobile devices general information

  • Click on the red circle in the icon on the toolbar.


  • Click on Mobile Settings.


  • Make Sure Enable Mobile is selected.

Display Web Page on Mobile Devices


  • Click toolbar icon and access Tablet and/or Mobile Displays


  • Use Icon on left side of display screen to access device view.



  • View page in device view to see how it will appear to your visitors.