Tutorial Image Options

IMAGE Options

Video and written instruction for using the Image Option.  Learn how to use and upload images, slides, and thumbnails.

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image function

Image Options



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IMAGE - Select ADD, and then IMAGE to access the image folder options. 

Review Create Page - Images

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  • The folder name will display under Selected folder
  • If your folder does not display, click public_html.  A list of your folders will display.
  • Select Create folder to create as many image folders as necessary in order to easily manage your images.
  • It is better to create multiple folders, than to put all images into one folder.

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  • Upload - Select to take images from your computer to your specific image folders. 

video button

  • Choose Files will access your computer.  Follow the instructions to upload to web server.
  • Refresh - Select to reload the page

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  • Image Manager mode allows you to work with one image at a time.
  • The default display mode for images is Image Manager, which shows images with image name on bottom. 
  • Images will be listed in alphabetical order by image name. 
  • Double click the image to insert into your page.

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  • Click the arrow to the right of image name to access drop-down menu for available functions for that image. 


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  • File Manager mode allows you to work with multiple images. 
  • Check the box next to the images you want to work with. 
  • You can then insert the group of images, cut, copy, paste, or delete them.  
  • To insert a group of images in File Manager mode, click on insert, located on the left at the bottom of Categories.