Tutorial Basics

Welcome to our Online Website Builder Basic Tutorial

We will show you how to modify a template, and create a webpage without any programming knowledge or experience.  Website Builder does is all for you,  We have provided both Video and Written Instructions.

tutorial getting started basics


tutorial basics





This tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your own website.  You will make changes to your template; create a web page; and add text and image

Clicking on linked data will take you immediately to that page.  Use your browser back arrow to return quickly to your previous page.  You can also use the menu located on the left banner of the template.

After learning these basic functions, you will then be ready to move on to Advanced Tutorials.

You wil learn how to use the following functions and tools available in Online Website Builder; which are provided to help you build and maintain your website.




SeeTips with suggestions for creating a good website.


help button

Look for the Help icon, located in the lower, far right corner of your screen below Palette.  Click this icon to quickly access video and written instructions, and to contact Support staff.

Next we will choose a Template.