Tutorial Default & Basic Customization Displays

Mobile Devices Default  & Basic Customization Displays

The following images illustrate how our example template will display to visitors on Tablet and Mobile Devices.

In Default Mobile Device Display, the pages are shrunk to fit the device but the order of display is changed.

In Basic Customization Mobile Device Display the template has been modified to display to better advantage on Tablet and Mobile Devices.

If your visitors will be using Tablets and Mobile Devices to visit your website, it is recommended that you check each of your web pages in Tablet and Mobile display mode, and make any necessary display changes.


Default Mobile Device Display

The following images show how the template will display on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices in the Default Display mode.

Template displayed on Desktop:

Default & Basic Customization Displays


Same template displayed on Tablet:


Same template displayed on Mobiles:

basic mobile 1a1.fw

  • Select Desktop version display
  • Select the item you do not wish to display on the Mobile Devices
  • Uncheck Tablet and Mobile in Palette

basic mobile 1a.fw

  • The following images show the Template display on Tablets & Mobile Devices after we complete the Basic Customization.



Template display on Tablet after Basic Customization: 

  • By making these basic changes,the template display for Mobile Devices has been improved.


Template display on Mobile after Basic Customization: