Tutorial Add-Edit Text Content

Add-Edit Text Content

Create and edit text and headings

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edit text function


Each web page you create should have at least one Heading. 

  • Search Engines use headings to read and display your site. 
  • Make sure the Heading you use is applicable to your page.
  • Click on HEADING button in ADD.
  • Box will display.

Heading - Double-click to edit

To edit this text, double click this text and your cursor will blink allowing you to make changes. You will notice the floating palette to the right which will allow you to change the font, color and formatting.

Insert Text

Click On TEXT Button and the text box will display on your page:

  • Click the box once and the green line with white squares appears. 
  • Practice using the squares to change the size and shape of the box.  Move the box around to different areas of your page. 
  • When you begin moving the box, you will notice a horizontal and vertical green line, intersecting the left and top rulers.
  • Rulers show your exact position and allow you to easily line your box up with other items on the page


  • Delete the pre-printed data in text box.
  • You can highlight all data and use delete key. or right click and Select All then use Delete Key.

blank edit  text box 2

  • A black dashed margin around the text box shows that you are in text edit mode.  You have two methods to access text mode:
  • From Edit drop-down menu, select Edit Text, select Done when finished.


  • Double click in box to access Edit Mode.
  • Enter your text information. 


  • There is no limit to the size of the box, as long as it fits on the page.  However for arrangements purposes, it it usually easier to make multiple boxes, depending on the data you wish to display. 
  •  You may notice that the data entered is larger than the box, just make your box bigger to encompass all the data. 
  • Be sure to SAVE your work.  You may want to SAVE frequently if you are entering a lot of information.  
Next we will add Images to your web page.