Rocket HTML– Interactive Websites

I have used Handzon Online Website Builder for the past couple years to design numerous websites for my clients.

Being a traditional Graphic Design Professional and not much of “web” designer, I always had to base my designs on my limitations within Dreamweaver. Then I was introduced to the Handzon Web Editor and was sold on its ease of us and stability without having to sacrifice any of its powerful internal editor capabilities.

I continue to push the limits on what I can do within the editor and it has responded beautifully.  My latest design project was for a local Realtor’s website, where I needed to integrate interactive searches, showcases, account registration sign-ups and more into the site combining a third-party service into the Handzon editor.

I was a bit apprehensive doing this since the imported scripts and HTML would be pasted into the sites pages within I frames. I am happy to report this process was seamless. I was able to import the coding without any problem it it works perfectly. The freedom
Handzon affords designers like myself is what I have been looking for in a website design environment. The Realtors Website maintains the design integrity and uniqueness the client requested while at the same time is very easy for the visitor to navigate and interact with all the imported search forms and more.