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This is achieved in several ways...

dartHandzon provides optimum page ranking because of the web site building application generating 100% CSS pages.  This means that your website will not only be faster, but most importantly, crawl extremely well on search engines.

Handzon provides auto generated xml site maps for proven google rankings.  Every time you update any page on your website it is automatically generated and updated on your xml site map page.

Handzon's SEO specialists bring to the forefront all of the most sought after keywords within your industry.  We focus on content that get you found by focusing on these keywords on every page.

The overall structure of the website is adjusted to obtain optimal search engine optimization by including the correct titles, keywords, Headings, ALT tags etc.

Handzon's SEO specialists provide the following search engine services:

    * Search engine optimization and website submission
    * Market research against your competitors and also based on your location
    * Website submission to all the major search engines and directories
    * Link Popularity and cross-linking/banner advertising
    * Website copywriting [making your web site search engine ready]

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Handzon SEARCH ENGINE Optimization

Have you ever heard the saying; "If you build it, they will come". That definitely is not the case when it comes to search engine optimization. It does not matter how well designed a website is, if no one can get there to see the website then it becomes pointless. Handzon SEO Specialists get proven results by putting your business into the spotlight with better page ranking.