Our Web Form Builder with Easy Form Validation!

Great news! We have simplified the process of creating a web site form with no HTML required. Just one more way we are making you the master of your domain.

Now, every web site account has the advanced form builder as part of its free standard service will have the ability to create custom forms with multiple form fields, custom thank you pages and auto responders.



Not only that, but the form fields now have built-in validation to ensure that the web site visitor fills out valid phone numbers and e-mail addresses. No more hoping your database info is authentic and risking an out of service phone number or a bounced email.

Handzon has created a simple form editing process in which the website owner can easily add unlimited form fields, check boxes, drop down selections, comment boxes, multiple choice fields and custom submit buttons for each form created. Plus, it is printable.

Creating a value added Web survey or questionnaire for any website is now a standard feature with the Handzon Online Website Builder.

So, tap into this new feature and let it make your customers’ experience on your website one worth repeating.