More Cutting Edge Options for Your Handzon-Supported Websites

Thanks to our clever and crafty developers here at Handzon, webmasters and graphic designers now have more customizable options when building  their web sites with us. These advanced editing tools go well beyond those of other online web site builders.


These options allow for professional designers, as well as HTML coders, to extend customizable snippets of code on each individual object on any webpage built within the Handzon System. In addition to HTML options, during the editing of a website, advanced users can customize the CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] of each individual object on a page.



Editing the CSS of each individual element offers consistency throughout the web site, allowing for quick style changes throughout the pages of the website. In addition, web sites will function more efficiently, have better browser compatibility, a smaller website footprint, and faster pages.


By separating the content from the styling of the page, search engines also will be able to crawl web pages unobstructed, resulting in higher search engine placement.

These customizable features are now included as part of the Handzon website service. Although these advanced options are focused around experienced web site designers and webmasters, Handzon automatically provides CSS for all pages for the beginner as well.

By using the free template builder provided by the software, users are creating CSS automatically. The moment changes are made to a website template, the HTML and CSS are updated in the background behind the scenes. The added advanced tools simply allow experienced users to extend the power of HTML and CSS throughout the pages, thus offering more control of each element within a website.