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Handzon website builder takes on the website building community in a comparison of services. AOL hometown website software, Yahoo stores, GeoCities website, FrontPage website and Amazon Marketplace website all are compared. Handzon website building software is found to be more cost-effective and definitely more efficient! See for your self.. Handzon is the new alternative for building a professional website! Continue and enjoy!

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The Homestead alternative, Handzon Website builder

Homestead website software vs Handzon Web building

Homestead website software does have drag-and-drop and is quite similar to Handzon website services in one respect; “drag-and-drop software”. Everything else is completely different. The homestead e-commerce allows you to integrate with Paypal, but what if you wanted to integrate a merchant account quickly? If you are serious merchant, you should havethe option to be able to integrate other merchant services quickly and easily. Handzon website building software is $19.95 monthly, but the services are well-suited for any small-business, any personal website, any family website, any corporate website. The difference is that with Handzon you get a professional website with unlimited space and unlimited pages without any “package deals”. Handzon e-commerce software is integrated directly into the system that is part of the object driven environment. Your products become objects that can move on the page easily. Homestead cannot do this. With Handzon, merchant accounts can be plugged in within a matter of seconds, including powerful merchants such as VeriSign, Paypal, Bank of America and others… we encourage you to view the videos above to see the difference yourself.