Handzon Online Website Builder FAQ


Common Questions

HandzOn is an extremely easy and powerful website building tool, but we can understand why you may have a few questions before you begin. Here are some questions and answers we often hear from new customers.


What is HandzOn?


HandzOn is a website building service that allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking websites, created by one of the oldest online website builder companies on the internet today. HandzOn is simple to use and packed with powerful features allowing you to achieve results beyond your expectations!

HandzOn has been around since 1999, with thousands of sites built using our technology.


What should I use HandzOn for?

Handzon can be used for any kind of website or online content, but has been specially built to be the most beneficial to businesses. From "brochure-ware" sites to e-commerce storefronts,  makes publishing and designing your website quick and easy. We are constantly surprised by the kinds of sites that our customers build which vary hugely in their purpose, style, structure and language.


Why is HandzOn different from other website builders?

Handzon is different from other website builders because of its unparalleled ease of use. We offer a true 'drag and drop, point and click' edit environment which makes it incredibly easy to update your content. If you want to change some text, just click on it on your site and change it. If you want to move an image, just drag it across the page, or drag the corners to change its size. There is no technology to learn, no code, no form filling, just quick and easy tools that work intuitively. There is a free no-obligation trial, so why not have a go.


Do I have to pay for HandzOn?

We are happy to finally say we have now added a 15 day trial! For more information on the Free Trial and Premium options, pricing see our pricing page. Non-profits are always free.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes you can. When you build a site with Handzon we give you a free subdomain, e.g. yoursite.handzon.com, to get you started. You can always add a new domain name, e.g. www.yoursite.com, or use an existing domain name with your site too. See our Support FAQs for more information on this.


Does HandzOn work well with search engines?

Handzon publishes optimized, standards-compliant HTML which allows the search engines to easily index and rank your pages. Additionally, Handzon gives you the option to add page titles, keywords and descriptions for every page in your site.  We automatically produce a Sitemap document for your site which gives search engines a complete list of your visible pages. If you don't want your pages listed by search engines, we allow you to make them invisible too. Many of our sites rank extremely highly on search engines.


Can I use HandzOn to build sites for other people?

Definitely, this is something that is quite common. Handzon has specialized features for webmasters and Search Engine Optimization companies that allow them to quickly build and design sites for clients with no technology headaches. And you can offer the client a powerful content management tool built in!

However, if you are selling sites built using Handzon we require that you sign up a new account for each client. 


What is the difference between the different HandzOn pricing?

Handzon is available in 5 different versions from Basic Business to Maximum E-Commerce. All of the packs use the same core product making it easy to upgrade between packages. A full list of product features is available on our pricing page.


Can I use Google tools (Webmaster tools, Sitemaps, AdSense, Analytics)?

All of them. Handzon allows you to track your webpages automatically, simply by adding your Google Analytics ID into your site's settings. You can also buy AdWords on Google to drive traffic to your site. Furthermore, we allow you to use Google Webmaster tools and automatically produce a Sitemap for your site that helps search engines index your pages.


Can I get help if I can't use it?

Yes. We have created several powerful video and text tutorials that will get you started. We also support our customers via threaded tickets that we and our customers can use to follow a problem through to resolution. And if nothing else works, we have dedicated live chat support available during regular business hours as well. You can also review our Knowledge Base for additional answers.


Can I edit my website directly on my Ipad?

We are happy to announce that we are currently in the process of improving the performance of our builder on tablet computers such as the IPad. In the meantime however, a desktop computer is still required to edit your website's pages. Rest assured though, your pages are optimized for modern browsers, and that includes mobile Safari on Ipads. That means that even though your webpage is designed on your desktop computer, it will look exactly the same on your Ipad.