Tutorial Toolbar Menu

Toolbar Menu      Select a Page – Quick access to pages you have already created, listed in alphabetical order. Page – Select PAGE to access the drop down menu. See Page For Details Template – Select TEMPLATE to access … Read More

Tutorial Page

Menu Page PAGE – Select PAGE to access to drop down menu.  Video and Written Instructions are provided.   PAGE SETTINGS – Allows changes or updates to the page you have displayed. Be sure to SAVE after make any changes … Read More

Tutorial Template

Template Toolbar Instructions for Template Toolbar Function selection for Handzon Website Builder Tutorial. Select TEMPLATE to access drop-down menu EDIT THIS PAGE’S TEMPLATE You may wish to have a different Template for certain pages in your website. This function allows … Read More

Tutorial Toolbar Add

Toolbar Add Select ADD to access the drop-down menu. IMAGE – Create image folders, Upload Images, and Insert Images onto web pages. Review IMAGES for details.   SLIDE – Create slideshow Review SLIDE for details.     THUMB – Use thumbnail … Read More

Tutorial File Function

Files Function FILES lists website programming pages.  These pages are accessed when linking is desired. See Link Function There are two entries for each page:  .html – your designed webpage; and .css.  The  details of the web page such as … Read More

Tutorial Toolbar View

Toolbar View VIEW – Allows you to preview your page, to see how it will actualy appear to your visitors.         SAVE before selecting VIEW. Select the green box START EDITING, located in the upper right corner … Read More

Tutorial Toolbar Save

Toolbar Save SAVE – Page is saved on Website Builder Servers. SAVE – Select to save page. Publishing, stand by… Displays Publish Complete will display when SAVE completed. It is important to SAVE frequently when designing your pages so that … Read More