Tutorial Mobile Devices General Information

Mobile Devices General Information Handzon Website Builder provides the ability to display your website on Mobile and Tablet Devices.  The Default Mobile Device display will automatically reduce your web page so it will fit on Tablets & Mobile Devices.  The … Read More

Tutorial Default & Basic Customization Displays

Mobile Devices Default  & Basic Customization Displays The following images illustrate how our example template will display to visitors on Tablet and Mobile Devices. In Default Mobile Device Display, the pages are shrunk to fit the device but the order … Read More

Tutorial Mobile Device Customization Procedures

Tutorial Mobile Device Customization Procedures The images below show how the Home page looks on all our devices – desktop, tablet and mobile – after we have made Basic customization changes to the template. In reviewing the Home page images, … Read More

Tutorial Mobile Device Customization Options

Mobile Device Customization Options The size and content of the display field cannot be adjusted or changed on the Tablet and Mobile Device display.  These adjustments must be made on the Desktop version. Text and Image display can only be … Read More