Tutorial Image Options

IMAGE Options Video and written instruction for using the Image Option.  Learn how to use and upload images, slides, and thumbnails.         IMAGE – Select ADD, and then IMAGE to access the image folder options.  Review Create Page … Read More

Tutorial Slideshows

SLIDESHOWS –  Create a Slideshow   SLIDE  – Select to access the slide show folder options.  Click on the first image you want to be in your slide presentation. Slideshow Editor will display.     Use Add an Image to … Read More

Tutorial Thumbnails

Thumbnails  THUMB  – Select to access thumb sized versions of your images.          Click on the first image you want to use, and Thumbnail Editor will display.  Add an Image will display any additional images you want.  … Read More

Tutorial Upload

Upload  Upload – Select to take images from your computer to your website image folders.  Choose Files will access your computer. Follow the instructions to upload to web server. Images will automatically be stored in the default Images folder.   … Read More