Tutorial Edit Function

Edit Function   Click display once to display solid green line and EDIT tab. UP – Moves the box up in display, same as bring forward. DOWN – Moves box down in display, same as send backward. LOCK ELEMENT – … Read More

Tutorial Add-Edit Text Content

Add-Edit Text Content Create and edit text and headings Heading Each web page you create should have at least one Heading.  Search Engines use headings to read and display your site.  Make sure the Heading you use is applicable to … Read More

Tutorial Button Function

Button Function   Buttons are a quick, easy method to make links to other portions of your website. Buttons can be links to a webpage; email, telephone, or google map.  Use your Practice Page to try different versions on buttons … Read More

Tutorial Link Function

Link Function   Links are an excellent Website Builder tool that allows you to guide your visitors to other related areas on your website.  These areas can be another web page, or items on the same page. There are different … Read More

Tutorial Group Elements

Group Elements We will combine the heading ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDER with the image Tutorials.   ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDER Click on the display that you want to move to display the EDIT tab.  Select GROUP ELEMENT.   Your display will now have … Read More

Tutorial Palette Function

Palette Function The Palette, which displays to the right of your page in design mode, contains important tools to customize your web pages.  The Palette display will change, depending on the specific function you are using.  All pages automaticlly be … Read More

Tutorial Fonts

Fonts Function In addition to Website Builder common website fonts, you can access and download Google Fonts, which are a large collection of open-source fonts optimized for the web.   Double click display box for edit mode. Select Font in … Read More

Tutorial Padding Function

Borders Padding Function BORDERS – Allows you to place a border around your selected display. You can select Width, Type and Color of border.     NOTE:  You can enter the color # directly instead of picking from the wheel. … Read More

Tutorial Video Create Web Page

Video Create Web Page This website video tutorial shows how to create and build a web page, add Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords (Meta tags) for search engines. See Create Web Page for Written Instructions.