Tutorial Template Edit

Template Edit Edit the Template by clicking ONCE on the name in the upper left corner of the Template.   The selection will show a green line around it, with white squares and an EDIT tab.  The corner squares adjust the … Read More

Tutorial Add Images

Create Page Add Images Your images are the most powerful part of your website.  Try to keep written content limited to short sections that are easy to read, and are not crowded together on the page. Use high quality images, … Read More

Tutorial Template

Template Toolbar Instructions for Template Toolbar Function selection for Handzon Website Builder Tutorial. Select TEMPLATE to access drop-down menu EDIT THIS PAGE’S TEMPLATE You may wish to have a different Template for certain pages in your website. This function allows … Read More

Tutorial Group Elements

Group Elements We will combine the heading ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDER with the image Tutorials.   ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDER Click on the display that you want to move to display the EDIT tab.  Select GROUP ELEMENT.   Your display will now have … Read More

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