Tutorial Create Page

Create Web Page We will be creating a practice page for your website to demonstrate the basic functions.  This page will be available for your use but will not be available to vistors to your website. Video and Written Instructions … Read More

Tutorial Select Template

Tutorial Select a Template Select one of the provided templates to get started.  Remember, with Website Builder, it is easy to make changes to the template to make it your own design.  We have selected pre-made Template 192 for our … Read More

Tutorial Handzon Website Builder Home

Tutorial Handzon Website Builder    You do not have to have any programming experience to create a website using our Website Builder. If you can use a computer and do word processing, you can build and maintain your own website … Read More

Tutorial Getting Started Basics

Welcome to our Online Website Builder Basic Tutorial We will show you how to modify a template, and create a webpage without any programming knowledge or experience.  Website Builder does is all for you,  We have provided both Video and … Read More

Tutorial Getting Started General

Getting Started – General Information   Web Pages – Tools You do not need programming knowledge to build a great website because Website Builder has provided you with powerful tools to help you.  Take time to review these tools before … Read More

Building a new website fast is fun, building smart pays better

It is within the planning and concept of a new website, that we begin thinking about what your customers are looking for.  Know your customer, search and define their needs, and you will in turn define your marketing plan.  Converting … Read More

More Cutting Edge Options for Your Handzon-Supported Websites

Thanks to our clever and crafty developers here at Handzon, webmasters and graphic designers now have more customizable options when building  their web sites with us. These advanced editing tools go well beyond those of other online web site builders. … Read More