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Handzon has now released the latest HTML 5 Version of its software, setting a new standard on how to build a website quickly and efficiently, with no programming knowledge needed. See the latest video at

"Beyond building a powerful website, we wanted Handzon to extend its features to include mobile websites," says Mike Ritchie, CTO of Handzon. "For someone building a website for the first time, yes it's simple and easy to use, but the website they would create had to perform like it was written by a professional, with faster pages and better Search Engine Optimization, and without the beginner ever knowing HTML or SEO. Once we completed this new version of Handzon's HTML 5, we knew we would be proud to use Handzon as customers ourselves, so much so, that we used Handzon to create our own Corporate website at"

Handzon's approach is evident the instant you load one of your website pages for editing. The interface is open and uncluttered, with tools that are clearly labeled and easy to select. There are three basic concepts: dragging an element moves it (drag and drop); clicking on an element selects it, so you can edit its properties; and double-clicking on an element edits the element itself. Handzon's consistent application of these three rules makes it easy to add and edit content to the page.

The Insert Menu is is docked at the top of the editor, and is used to insert content on the page. It is organized into obvious groups, such as Text, Images (Slideshows, Image Thumbnails), Forms (for gathering customer information), Shopping cart elements (Paypal Shopping Cart, Google Checkout), Social (Facebook, Twitter) and Media (YouTube, MP3s etc). Clicking on one of these Insert icons, places content onto the page, allowing you to drag and drop at will. There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to nudge elements on the page, giving you pixel-by-pixel control over every object.

For the Techies...

Handzon has several tools that webmasters and professional designers can use when making a website, starting with the markup and CSS of the page. The more markup (invisible code) on the page there is, the more diluted your keywords and visible content become as a result. Virtually all of the styles and positional information for an element is handled by CSS in an external stylesheet, leaving just your content itself on the page. Handzon allows advanced users to edit the CSS of individual elements, and add your own styles to enhance the page even further. Developers can add their own JavaScript or style sheets onto the page to customize pages even further. The page is kept optimized, using HTML5 as a backbone, which makes the website accessible on a mobile device automatically.

Quick Template Creation

One of the most exciting features of Handzon is the template editor, allowing instantaneous changes to content across the entire website in moments. Within Handzon, the template is the "background" that surrounds all of your page content. What really makes the template editor shine is the innovative "background" layer that is used to create the overall look of the template. Any images or shapes that are inserted into this Template layer are automatically "merged" and sliced into a header, footer and tiling content area. In addition, Handzon's Template Builder makes pages with footers that automatically "bounce" lower as the page lengthens. Publishing a template takes mere moments, and the changes are automatically "Live" on any page that uses that template. Making updates to a website will be faster than ever.

Handzon offers Premium Paid Packages along with a free website version that requires no billing information. The signup process takes moments: just pick a template, enter in the username, and your new website automatically loads up inside the builder interface for you to start making it your own. There are helpful website building tutorials located within the software to assist new users on how to make a website easily.

Handzon is blazing fast, with amazing performance for both Mac and PC, works with all modern browsers, and runs completely online.

Press Release - Handzon Website Builder Releases Free Version to build a website

Handzon provides users the tools needed to build a website with the same kind of quality and effectiveness that was once reserved only for webmasters and professional designers.

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