Linking – Anchor Function

We are all familiar with linking pages on our websites so we can direct visitors to specific pages quickly.   However, there is another powerful tool provided by Handzon Website Builder for linking, called Anchor Function.  Anchor Function will direct your visitors to a specific portion of your web page.   Anchor function can be used to send visitors to text or images on any web page.

There are many places in a website when you will want to send the visitor to a specific paragraph; instruction; or image.  An Example could be a  webpage, containing all instructions for various pages on your website.  You can then name and place an anchor on specific paragraphs in the instruction.  At the appropriate place on your other web pages, send the visitor to the specific anchor for  instructions for that particular section.

Another example would be to send your visitors to a specific image that is applicable to the section they are currently viewing.

Your visitor can quickly and easily look at the information you have “anchored” them to, and then use their browser’s back button to get back to where they were.

Complete instructions for using the Anchor Function can be found in Handzon Website Builder’s Tutorial, .  Notice that in this link, we have anchored you to the exact section of the linking web page that describes the Anchor Function.

Arrow Function

Arrow Function

Handzon Website Builder Slideshow Function

We have all heard the saying, “A Picture is worth a 1000 words”, and it is even truer for your website.  Your images on your website need to tell your story.  Visitors to your site will look at pictures much more often than they will read the text.

Using Handzon Website Builder’s Slide Function is a great way to promote your website and quickly capture the attention of your visitors.

Make sure that you have some great pictures that reflect the purpose of your website.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this.  Use your own camera and take lots of pictures, then pick the best ones.  You might want to consider using a software package such as Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks to improve your photos.

Once you have your photos, create a slideshow to present them to your visitors.  You can select to have the images fade in and out; scroll side to side, or scroll up and down.  You can give your visitors the option of selecting the controls, or hide the controls.  See video and written instructions in Handzon Website Builder’s Tutorial,

Best of all, it is easy to change the images in the slideshow, which will keep your website always looking new and fresh.

Example of Slideshow

Example of Slideshow

Handzon Website Builder Thumbnail Function

The Handzon Website Builder Thumb Function is easy and quick to use.  You can change the size of all thumbnails at the same time.  Using the Thumb Function, you can select all the images you wish to display.  Using the up and down arrows, quickly re-arrange the order you wish them to appear.

When the thumbnail is selected, it will be displayed in a larger format and against a dark background for a shadow box effect that captures your visitor’s attention.

Take some time to review the Handzon Website Thumbnails.  Video and written instruction are available at

Display Thumbnail Image

Display Thumbnail Image

Spring Cleaning – Your Website!

It’s almost spring, and of course with spring, our thoughts naturally turn to:  Spring Cleaning!

I’m sure that we can all relate to this experience; we build our website, put lots of time and energy into it, and finally it is up and looking great, right?  Well, too many of us just leave it that way, and never make any changes.  Think of it this way; you get a new office.  You put the best furnishings you can afford in the reception area for clients to see, you get plants, etc., and it looks great.  Let’s say 6 months go by and you never dust, clean, or water plants, what do you think it looks like now?  Not great, and it would not make a good impression.  Of course, you do not do that, you clean, water etc. as needed.  The same practice should apply to your website.

So, for our spring cleaning project, take an objective look at your website.  Is any information out of date?  Have you added new features/services/products that are not reflected on your website?   Are your blog posts old?  Look at your images, are they sharp and clear.  Do you have new ones that are better?  Perhaps they need to be re-positioned on the web page.  Is there lots of space around text?  Are text comments short and clear?

Consider applying a background to the home page for dramatic effect.  If you already have a background, consider changing it.

One of the best features of  website builder is the ability to make these changes and updates yourself quickly and easily. Make sure that you are familiar with all the new functions provided in website builder.  Review the Tutorial, for help and suggestions.

Remember, you have 4 seconds or less to keep you visitor on your website.  If they don’t see something that attracts them, or something that clearly identifies what product/services you are providing, they are gone.

Now is the time to clean up, dust off and re-present your website!

Now Available – Video Instructions

Handzon Website Builder has a large selection of instruction videos which deal with a specific website builder feature.

Below is a list of all videos available in Website Builder Online Tutorial,  If you are not clear about how a feature or process works, the video show examples and gives instructions, along with access to the written instruction for that feature.

If you are looking for a video that is not listed, let us know.  Our aim is to make our tutorials as complete as possible.  Thanks for your feedback!

Handzon Website Builder Video Instructions

Handzon Website Builder Video Instructions

Introducing our New Button Function

Handzon Website Builder, has a powerful new Button function; now non-programmers can easily create many different buttons.

Give your visitors easy access to all pages of your website with our Button Function.  Draw their attention to any specific areas you want them to see. You can select the color, shape, size, and title for your buttons.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Button Function, see the Online Tutorial,

The Button examples below show a variety of buttons used in the Handzon Website Builder Tutorial,

Button Function

Button Function

Introducing Our Online Tutorial

Our Online Tutorial, now provides complete written and video instructions for using Handzon Website Builder.

This tutorial was written by a non-programmer, using only the Handzon Website Builder functions.  There is also a Printed Manual selection, allowing you to print individual pages.

Take some time to check out the tutorial, and see the new features available.  As always, we appreciate any feedback from you.  Let us know what you think.

Online Tutorial

Online Tutorial

Our Site of The Month

We’re happy to announce the web site of the week is This web site features a fully functional shopping cart with secure ordering as well as a word press Blog. In a later posts we will be demonstrating all the power of Handzon website Builder, WordPress and Prestashop. This website incorporates all of these services that are provided in our Max Website Builder package for $25.99. Fantastic job Graham.

Website Building Example

Featured Website Radiation Rain

Handzon announces mobile web design software release date for June 1st

We’re very excited to announce the release of the new mobile web design editor.  Handzon version 3.0 has been released from beta and will be made available to all users on June 1.  During the launch date, all web sites hosted with Handzon will be set to standard desktop mode.  The New Mobile web designer will be set to disabled allowing every paid web site to optimize pages and templates for all mobile devices and publish when done.  Web sites built for the Iphone, the Ipad and all Android devices will be included within Handzon V3.

So what does the Handzon mobile web designer do?

With the Handzon adaptive mobile editor, users can actually see how their layout is going to look in a number of devices (IPad, IPod, Android) and orientations (portrait, landscape). And by using the same interface that users are already familiar with, you can quickly and easily make adjustments to the mobile versions of the template by moving, resizing, or hiding individual elements within the header and footer of the template. Users can quickly change background images used in the header and footer for ones optimized for the device being targeted, and there’s no learning curve at all because it’s still the same interface used when editing the desktop version of the template.
The advantage to this approach is that you already know how to use the software.  Everything that works on the desktop versions will work exactly the same on all mobile versions.  A HandzON site is a single website that adapts to the device viewing it. That means that text changes or new pages built for your desktop website will already be visible on mobile devices, without time-consuming or complex “synching” on other services. It’s an amazing approach that normally requires hiring a professional mobile web developer to achieve.  You’ll now know how to build a mobile web site, this will greatly expand you reach.

We will be releasing training videos just before the launch.  Meanwhile, we thought it would be exciting to show you some screenshots on what the new interface will look like.

In this image you’ll notice that the page looks like a standard web site.  But you’ll notice that in the center top, there’s now a drop down allowing you to change the different modes of the web site.


You’ll notice that in this example below we’re choosing the tablet mode.  Notice how all of the images have been reduced and the text automatically wraps.  The responsive layout handles the content within the page, now you can simply drag and drop your content, hide certain content for tablets or add additional content as needed and it will be published only for the mobile device you’ve selected.


In this example you’ll notice that we are in mobile mode.  All of the same functions are applied here.  But you’ll notice that there is a great difference between the desktop mode and a mobile mode layout.  You’ll notice that the content is reduced dramatically, the images now fit a mobile device, however the great advantage is that the system will automatically change those images that have been reduced to thumbnails so they can easily be clicked on for a larger version.


Whenever changes are made to the desktop mode however, all mobile device modes will be updated automatically.  There’s no synching required.  Remarkable….. See you on June 1st…

Responsive layouts for mobile devices for all Handzon web sites

Within the next couple of days, will be uploading the latest build of Handzon, Version 3.4.  This update will include responsive layouts, which will allow your website to adapt to mobile devices automatically.  This powerful approach will allow you to display your website content on Iphones, Ipads and other devices.  This will extend you reach beyond the desktop website.

Going beyond responsive layouts

In addition to responsive layouts, the Handzon development team is also working on adaptive layouts to allow you to create custom layouts for individual devices.  If you would like a specific layout for the New Ipad Mini as an example, now you will be able to select that layout and build the template exactly for that device. All of the content for all of the pages of the web site will automatically scale accordingly.  All that’s required is that the user will customize the template for the chosen device.  You’ll be able to use the same drag and drop interface to create mobile layouts. This new development of adaptive layouts will be available within the next month.  More to come….

Handzon Dev