Handzon announces mobile web design software release date for June 1st

We’re very excited to announce the release of the new mobile web design editor.  Handzon version 3.0 has been released from beta and will be made available to all users on June 1.  During the launch date, all web sites hosted with Handzon will be set to standard desktop mode.  The New Mobile web designer will be set to disabled allowing every paid web site to optimize pages and templates for all mobile devices and publish when done.  Web sites built for the Iphone, the Ipad and all Android devices will be included within Handzon V3.

So what does the Handzon mobile web designer do?

With the Handzon adaptive mobile editor, users can actually see how their layout is going to look in a number of devices (IPad, IPod, Android) and orientations (portrait, landscape). And by using the same interface that users are already familiar with, you can quickly and easily make adjustments to the mobile versions of the template by moving, resizing, or hiding individual elements within the header and footer of the template. Users can quickly change background images used in the header and footer for ones optimized for the device being targeted, and there’s no learning curve at all because it’s still the same interface used when editing the desktop version of the template.
The advantage to this approach is that you already know how to use the software.  Everything that works on the desktop versions will work exactly the same on all mobile versions.  A HandzON site is a single website that adapts to the device viewing it. That means that text changes or new pages built for your desktop website will already be visible on mobile devices, without time-consuming or complex “synching” on other services. It’s an amazing approach that normally requires hiring a professional mobile web developer to achieve.  You’ll now know how to build a mobile web site, this will greatly expand you reach.

We will be releasing training videos just before the launch.  Meanwhile, we thought it would be exciting to show you some screenshots on what the new interface will look like.

In this image you’ll notice that the page looks like a standard web site.  But you’ll notice that in the center top, there’s now a drop down allowing you to change the different modes of the web site.


You’ll notice that in this example below we’re choosing the tablet mode.  Notice how all of the images have been reduced and the text automatically wraps.  The responsive layout handles the content within the page, now you can simply drag and drop your content, hide certain content for tablets or add additional content as needed and it will be published only for the mobile device you’ve selected.


In this example you’ll notice that we are in mobile mode.  All of the same functions are applied here.  But you’ll notice that there is a great difference between the desktop mode and a mobile mode layout.  You’ll notice that the content is reduced dramatically, the images now fit a mobile device, however the great advantage is that the system will automatically change those images that have been reduced to thumbnails so they can easily be clicked on for a larger version.


Whenever changes are made to the desktop mode however, all mobile device modes will be updated automatically.  There’s no synching required.  Remarkable….. See you on June 1st…

Responsive layouts for mobile devices for all Handzon web sites

Within the next couple of days, will be uploading the latest build of Handzon, Version 3.4.  This update will include responsive layouts, which will allow your website to adapt to mobile devices automatically.  This powerful approach will allow you to display your website content on Iphones, Ipads and other devices.  This will extend you reach beyond the desktop website.

Going beyond responsive layouts

In addition to responsive layouts, the Handzon development team is also working on adaptive layouts to allow you to create custom layouts for individual devices.  If you would like a specific layout for the New Ipad Mini as an example, now you will be able to select that layout and build the template exactly for that device. All of the content for all of the pages of the web site will automatically scale accordingly.  All that’s required is that the user will customize the template for the chosen device.  You’ll be able to use the same drag and drop interface to create mobile layouts. This new development of adaptive layouts will be available within the next month.  More to come….

Handzon Dev

The Ultimate CSS Deck slide show with no HTML required

We’re very excited to announce that we have just released the latest HTML 5 CSS Deck slide show module.

This expands greatly on the possibilities for each slide within your website.  Currently there are 3 slideshows available within the Handzon System:

  1. The thumbnail gallery –  Allows users to click on individual images and enlarge them with a “lightbox” effect, (btw, this has been enhanced to allow the multiple thumbnails to be placed on to a page that the web site visitor will be able to surf each one of these thumbnails without closing the window and clicking on them individually).  This was updated early last week.
  2. The standard image gallery –  Slide shows will display multiple images with transition controls.  The advantage of this slide show would allow users to interact with the slides using the controls provided, the drawback is that it only works with standard images.
  3. The new HTML five CSS Deck slide show –  Goes much further, by allowing you to pull interactive content from deep within your site and have that content displayed as a slide.  This provides tremendous opportunities for your web site visitors to interact with the content that’s important to you.

Here’s how it works…

Each slide is created as a separate page, this allows you to add interactive content and special Google fonts as in this example provided by Andy over at Pelican Design of Destin Florida… http://www.harryts.com

Once all of the slide pages have been created, you simply go to the page where you would like to have the HTML slide show and insert a standard slide.  The standard slide allows you to choose content as a “link”.  You would simply select the pages for each one of your slides and save and publish.

With Andys example, you’ll notice that he took the concept further using Google fonts and customized the CSS for shadows behind the heading text.  Brilliant!

The true power of these CSS driven HTML 5 slides is that you have no limitations. Get your customers to focus on what is important to your business.

Building a Real Estate website example, AND the site of the week

Meet Real Estate Agent, Mary Ann Rundo. (Here’s her site)

She is one of our shining examples of how using the Handzon online website builder gives her clients powerful tools and valuable information in their search for their dream home.

Her website offers some beautiful homes along the gorgeous Emerald coast of Florida. She chose from our toolbox a large slider along the top to highlight the natural beauty of this ocean-side location.

In addition to integrating links to a mortgage calculator, home valuation and property search, she also has a blog that shares online listings of homes and vital information that home owners and sellers alike need to know.

There are a few more widgets that Mary Ann used from our online website builder. She chose a detailed Google Map Search which is critical in giving the details and views of the area. She also installed the MLS search interface, the industry standard for finding homes using many criteria. And finally, a handy list of websites for newcomers to the area that will send them directly to the web pages for schools, utilities and much more.

We are thrilled to see that Mary Ann’s site is vibrant and thriving. Build a real estate website and follow this remarkable example Mary Ann has given us!


More Cutting Edge Options for Your Handzon-Supported Websites

Thanks to our clever and crafty developers here at Handzon, webmasters and graphic designers now have more customizable options when building  their web sites with us. These advanced editing tools go well beyond those of other online web site builders.

These options allow for professional designers, as well as HTML coders, to extend customizable snippets of code on each individual object on any webpage built within the Handzon System. In addition to HTML options, during the editing of a website, advanced users can customize the CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] of each individual object on a page.


Editing the CSS of each individual element offers consistency throughout the web site, allowing for quick style changes throughout the pages of the website. In addition, web sites will function more efficiently, have better browser compatibility, a smaller website footprint, and faster pages.

By separating the content from the styling of the page, search engines also will be able to crawl web pages unobstructed, resulting in higher search engine placement.

These customizable features are now included as part of the Handzon FREE website service. Although these advanced options are focused around experienced web site designers and webmasters, Handzon automatically provides CSS for all pages for the beginner as well.

By using the free template builder provided by the software, users are creating CSS automatically. The moment changes are made to a website template, the HTML and CSS are updated in the background behind the scenes. The added advanced tools simply allow experienced users to extend the power of HTML and CSS throughout the pages, thus offering more control of each element within a website.


We Just Released Our Web Form Builder with Easy Form Validation for You!

Great news! We have simplified the process of creating a web site form with no HTML required. Just one more way we are making you the master of your domain.

Now, every web site account has the advanced form builder as part of its free standard service will have the ability to create custom forms with multiple form fields, custom thank you pages and auto responders.

Not only that, but the form fields now have built-in validation to ensure that the web site visitor fills out valid phone numbers and e-mail addresses. No more hoping your database info is authentic and risking an out of service phone number or a bounced email.

Handzon has created a simple form editing process in which the website owner can easily add unlimited form fields, check boxes, drop down selections, comment boxes, multiple choice fields and custom submit buttons for each form created. Plus, it is printable.

Creating a value added Web survey or questionnaire for any website is now a standard feature with the Handzon Online Website Builder.

So, tap into this new feature and let it make your customers’ experience on your website one worth repeating. 

Creating a Template for your website and WordPress

We’re happy to announce  the first video of the series “Site Designing like a Pro”, we will be focusing on creating a web site template for your web site as well as for WordPress.  Now that we’re able to use the WordPress builder for blogs, we will be able to create templates and themes very quickly.  We’ve also provided a transcript of the video from beginning to end.  In our next video, we will focus on using the tools available in Handzon  to create web site templates using images, shapes etc. Although Photoshop and Fireworks can be used, we want to be sure to use easily available tools on any computer to build and create your website.

Pelican Design Group – Interactive Real Estate Websites

I have used Handzon Online Website Builder for the past couple years to design numerous websites for my clients.

Being a traditional Graphic Design Professional and not much of “web” designer, I always had to base my designs on my limitations within Dreamweaver. Then I was introduced to the Handzon Web Editor and was sold on its ease of us and stability without having to sacrifice any of its powerful internal editor capabilities.

I continue to push the limits on what I can do within the editor and it has responded beautifully.  My latest design project was for a local Realtor’s website, where I needed to integrate interactive searches, showcases, account registration sign-ups and more into the site combining a third-party service into the Handzon editor.

I was a bit apprehensive doing this since the imported scripts and HTML would be pasted into the sites pages within I frames. I am happy to report this process was seamless. I was able to import the coding without any problem it it works perfectly. The freedom
Handzon affords designers like myself is what I have been looking for in a website design environment. The Realtors Website maintains the design integrity and uniqueness the client requested while at the same time is very easy for the visitor to navigate and interact with all the imported search forms and more. See www.emeraldcoastfinehomes.com

For more information on a custom website built for you, reach us at Pelican Design Group.

Andy Rundo