Rocket HTML– Interactive Websites

I have used Handzon Online Website Builder for the past couple years to design numerous websites for my clients. Being a traditional Graphic Design Professional and not much of “web” designer, I always had to base my designs on my … Read More

Building a new website fast is fun, building smart pays better

It is within the planning and concept of a new website, that we begin thinking about what your customers are looking for.  Know your customer, search and define their needs, and you will in turn define your marketing plan.  Converting … Read More

Creating a Template for your website and WordPress

We’re happy to announce  the first video of the series “Site Designing like a Pro”, we will be focusing on creating a web site template for your web site as well as for WordPress.  Now that we’re able to use … Read More

Our Web Form Builder with Easy Form Validation!

Great news! We have simplified the process of creating a web site form with no HTML required. Just one more way we are making you the master of your domain. Now, every web site account has the advanced form builder … Read More

More Cutting Edge Options for Your Handzon-Supported Websites

Thanks to our clever and crafty developers here at Handzon, webmasters and graphic designers now have more customizable options when building  their web sites with us. These advanced editing tools go well beyond those of other online web site builders. … Read More

Building a Real Estate website example, AND the site of the week

Meet Real Estate Agent, Mary Ann Rundo. She is one of our shining examples of how using the Handzon online website builder gives her clients powerful tools and valuable information in their search for their dream home. Her website offers … Read More

The Ultimate CSS Deck slide show with no HTML required

We’re very excited to announce that we have just released the latest HTML 5 CSS Deck slide show module.   This expands greatly on the possibilities for each slide within your website.  Currently there are 3 slideshows available within the … Read More

Responsive layouts for mobile devices for all Handzon web sites

Within the next couple of days, will be uploading the latest build of Handzon, Version 3.4.  This update will include responsive layouts, which will allow your website to adapt to mobile devices automatically.  This powerful approach will allow you to … Read More

Handzon announces mobile web design software release date for June 1st

We’re very excited to announce the release of the new mobile web design editor. Handzon version 3.0 has been released from beta and will be made available to all users on June 1. During the launch date, all web sites … Read More

Google Major Update April 21st